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Employee turnover is not only costly but also consumes significant time and resources in sourcing replacements. That's precisely why we offer comprehensive break room solutions aimed at addressing this challenge. Whether you opt for our micro-market, office coffee, or vending services, we deliver customized solutions crafted to enhance workplace morale and maintain team engagement.

Corbin, Richmond & Knoxville food vending machines

53% of workers feel more productive with free food

Corbin, Richmond & Knoxville office coffee machines

45% of people that use their lunch break to travel and deal with outside stressors like traffic, having food in the office can provide a more relaxing break.

Corbin, Richmond & Knoxville office coffee machines
Corbin, Richmond & Knoxville self-serve micro-markets

62% of employers say free food fosters collaboration and connection in the workplace.

Corbin, Richmond & Knoxville pantry healthy vending machines

46% of workers say employer-provided food makes them more likely to stay at their current company.

Corbin, Richmond & Knoxville pantry healthy vending machines

Source: ezCater, Food for Work: Fueling America’s Workplace

Break room
solutions that offer
tangible benefits

Improve morale

Boost performance

Retain valuable employees

Attract quality candidates

Enhance company culture

Cost savings for employees

Reduce healthcare costs by
offering nutritious refreshments

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