LaFollett Vending Machines Offer Convenient Grab-and-Go Refreshments

beverage vending machines and water filtration in LaFollett

During a busy day of calls, e-mails, and meetings, your team needs easy access to quality refreshments in your LaFollett break room. Our LaFollett vending machines are a great fit for any space. Offer your team a full range of grab-and-go items from our snack vending, fresh food vending, and beverage vending machines. Customers love our modern vending machines that accept multiple payment options including credit cards and mobile wallets. Our LaFollett vending services are effortless for you. We use remote monitoring to track your inventory and ensure your favorite products are always stocked. Do you want to see more healthy options or a favorite treat? Just let us know and we’ll add them to your product mix.

beverage vending machines and water filtration in LaFollett

Our LaFollett Office Coffee and Water Filtration Services Feature Modern Technology

office coffee and food vending machines in LaFollett

Offer your team specialty and gourmet coffees and teas with our LaFollett office coffee service. Your employees will love our modern office coffee equipment including single-cup coffee service and bean-to-cup machines. Plus, serve coffee by the pot with our traditional office coffee service. We can set up the ideal office coffee bar in your LaFollett break room. Allow us to stock your preferred sweeteners, creamers, stir sticks, cups, and more. Improve your break room overall by also adding our LaFollett water filtration service. Encourage better hydration with our floor-standing, countertop, and plumbed-in water filtration systems. Plus, fresh filtered water can improve the taste of coffee and tea.

Boost Company Culture with a LaFollett Micro-Market

micro markets and healthy vending machines in LaFollett

Improve breaks for your team by adding an attractive LaFollett micro-market to your break room. A micro-market features open shelves and glass-front coolers that offer a wide range of snacks, fresh foods, and beverages. Instead of rushing out to buy food, employees can find fresh sandwiches, salads, and favorite snacks in your LaFollett break room. Our customized micro-market solution allows you to request products and help create your unique menu. We take care of everything so that your fully automated micro-market runs smoothly. Using remote monitoring, we’ll track your product levels and restock promptly. Additionally, customers can pay at our self-serve kiosk using a credit card or mobile wallet. Enhance your LaFollett workplace with the quality refreshments and convenience of a micro-market.

micro markets and healthy vending machines in LaFollett

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