Vending Machines Ideal for Lexington Break Rooms

Vending machines and water filtration service in Lexington

Breaktime Vending is the go-to provider for a reliable Lexington vending service. Our vending equipment is filled with brand-name cold drinks and healthy snacks that will satisfy Lexington customers. Plus, we monitor inventory levels and regularly restock each vending machine in your Lexington break room. This ensures access 24/7 to must-have products, including healthy vending refreshments. No cash? Not to worry. Our vending machines accept credit cards and mobile payments.

Vending machines and water filtration service in Lexington

Your Lexington Leader in Office Coffee and Water Filtration Service

Office coffee service and snack vending machines in Lexington

Maximize the benefits of your coffee break with our Lexington office coffee service. We offer gourmet coffee sure to please Lexington employees. For example, try single-cup coffee pods in light roast, dark roast, hazelnut, breakfast blend, and more. This lets everyone brew their own coffee, ensuring it’s fresh and personalized. You can also transform the Lexington break room into a coffee house with a bean-to-cup coffee machine. This gourmet coffee brewer makes lattes, espresso, and cappuccinos from whole beans in just minutes.

Encourage hydration with Lexington water filtration service. Your current water has never tasted better. Available as a free-standing or countertop model, water filtration means filters remove chemicals and particles before they reach your cup. Plus, the water filtration system keeps filtered water hot or cold, so it’s perfect for hydration or for a better cup of coffee.

Micro-Market Service Tailored for Lexington Businesses

Micro-markets and healthy vending services in Lexington

Let us install a Lexington micro-market to optimize your break room. The open layout with coolers and racks allows plenty of room for food, drinks, and snacks. Lexington employees will love the hundreds of fresh food items and brand-name snacks we stock in the micro-market. Plus, all the energy drinks, soda, flavored water, and cold brew from national brands. Everything in the micro-market is specifically chosen for your Lexington break room. This ensures it’s a premium refreshment solution complete with a self-checkout kiosk.

Micro-markets and healthy vending services in Lexington

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